Goodmorning Member,

As we approach the closing of the election season we are going into a period that will be crucial to the history of this nation.

I do hope that you will carry out your civic duty and vote. 

1. Member Emergencies

As the Uganda Law Society, this is to remind you that there is a member hotline available should any of you be in need of rescue at any one time. It is available for calls and whatsapp on 0777 228 205

2. Rapid Response Unit

During this time, we also have a rapid response task force of 100 advocates that will be available to our people as long as they call the toll free number 0800 100 150/1 and some will be on call at various police stations.

3. Practice Readiness for 2021

We are also cognizant of the fact that you require your practice certificates early and we once again remind you that CLE requirements for last year were waived.  

As we speak, I am glad to report that inspection of chambers has already began and we hope to have it completed by mid February 2021. We thank the Law Council for expediting this. We have also automated our payment platforms and are embarking on easing the linkage with the Chief Registrar’s office.

For those that that have staff that are enrolling remember to make use of the member help desks in our various upcountry clinics who will guide the young lawyers.

Thank you to those of you that used the amnesty period to get in good standing with the Society. 

4. Election Petitions 

As we go into the season of election petitions, this is also to remind you that this week we launched Volume 1 of the Election Petitions Decisions 2000 to 2011. It is available at the cost price of UGX 160,000 and can be requested for through our members’  affairs office. The pQ pers presented at the Election Colloquium will also be shared shortly. 

5. Election Observation 

As you all know, the Uganda Law Society has been accredited as an election observer and 34 members of Council and Staff will be observing various polling areas all over the country. You are welcome to share any pertinent information on the member WhatsApp line.

Not many observers have been accredited this time and our report will be a great contribution to what comes out of the election.  Help us all do our duty effectively. 

6. Conclusion

We continue to urge you to keep safe and observe SOPs to avoid catching the deadly pandemic COVID-19. We urge you to keep the peace and be the voice of the law in your communities.

Best Regards, 

Pheona Nabasa Wall

President, Uganda Law Society


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Pheona Wall