Vice-President's Message

Dear Colleagues
I bring you warm greetings from the Secretariat of ULS. Special thanks go to all those among us who have in this month continued to engage with and participate in ULS activities including the Open Day, CLE’s, workshops, committee and other meetings.
Owing to the advent of the Court vacation period, I hope we are all able to enjoy some kind of a break from our regimented and stressful Court work. While some travel away from their work stations and some from Uganda altogether, many of us will simply slow down but continue to attend to some business perhaps in a more relaxed manner. We will also perhaps have the time to attend to matters that we could not focus on earlier because of the demands of our Court work.
Of course there will be the odd urgent matter that will require immediate attention and the best of luck to those who find themselves having to handle urgent matters.
As you know while the High Court and Magistrates Courts are taking a  break from handling civil matters generally, the Appellate Courts are  continuing with business and in the recent past, the Constitutional Court  has delivered two important judgments – the Oloka & Ot...Read More

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