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"We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek" – Barak Obama
The news of the appointment of Hon. Justice Bart Katureebe as Chief Justice has renewed our hope for improved access to justice, judicial independence, an efficient judiciary and indeed the justice system as a whole of which we are an integral part as the Bar. The integrity and independence of the judiciary will improve when we also, as the Bar, change our methods of work in the Courts; embrace mediation/alternative dispute resolution, say no to corruption, no adjournments, excellent pleadings, thorough trial preparation, improved skills and knowledge of the law, etc.
Moreover, this month the JSC is working very hard to conclude interviews for Judges of the High Court so that we can have the full number of 82. Interviews for the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court were concluded last year to make 14 and 11 Justices respectively. The JSC does not want to recommend to the President those individuals that will turn out to be bad Judges. They want to ensure that those appointed will observe the duty to provide reasoned j...Read More

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Date : 28 Mar 2015
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