18, March 2015  
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18, March 2015

The Uganda law Society produces Annual Law Reports to facilitate research. Currently, we have the Uganda Law Society Reports 2005 Volume I and II. They contain Ugandan Cases decided in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, and they include Criminal Cases, Civil Cases and Commercial Cases.

The Legal Resource Center also has a large collection of books dealing with all aspects of the law both local and international. You can download the pdf file below for a look at some of the books that we have available in the Resource Centre

Legal Resource Centre Catalogue
Acts of Parliament available in the Legal Resource Center
Bills available in the Legal Resource Center
Gazettes available in the Legal Resource Center
Uganda Law Reports


Legal Aid Project Annual Report 2013
ULS Annual Report 2013

Rule of Law Symposium Report 2014 

High Level Stakeholders Meeting 2014 Report


Please follow this link for a list of all legislation ULS obtained in 2014

Also available are a collection of Acts, S.I's and Bill Supplements some of which are indicated below:

The Companies Act, 2012                                                                                                                 
The Uganda Communications Act, 2013
The National Council for Older persons Act, 2013                                                                             
The Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) Act, 2013

The Land Acquisition (Hoima-Kaiso-Tonya Road) Instrument, no. 5 of 2013
The Land Acquisition (Kampala-Jinja Highway) Instrument, no.6 of 2013
The Land Acquisition (Kampala-Entebbe Express Way) Instrument, no.7 of 2013
The Transfer of Convicted Offenders (Commencement) Instrument, no.8 of 3013
The Traffic and Road Safety (Express Penalty Scheme for Road Traffic Offenders) Regulations Instrument, No.9 Of 2013
The Judicature (Mediation) Rules Instrument, no.10 of 2013
The Police (Control of Private Security Organizations Regulations) Instrument, no.11 of 2013
The Traffic and Road Safety (Speed of Motor Vehicle) (Temporary Maximum Speed Limit) (No.2) Order Instrument, no. 12 Of 2013
The Traffic and Road Safety Act (Closure of Road) (Exemption) Order Instrument, no.13 of 2013
The Electro Commission (Appointment of Date of Completion of Update of Voter's Register in the Specified Local Government Council Electoral Areas in Pallisa District) Instrument, no. 14 of 2013
The Electoral Commission (Appointment of Date of Completion of Voter's Register in Butebo Constituency, Pallisa District) Instrument, no.15 Of 2013

The East Africa Development Bank (Amendment) Bill, 2013

Universities and other Tertiary Institutions (Publications of Particulars of Private Tertiary Institutions issued with Provisional Licenses) Notice no. 4 of 2013
Occupational Safety Health Appointment of Inspectors Notice no. 5 of 2013
Universities and other Tertiary Institutions (Issued with a Certificate of Classification and Registration) Notice no. 6 of 2013
The Constitution (Sentencing Guidelines for Courts of Judicature) (Practice) Directions no.8


The East African Development Bank (Amendment) Bill 2013


We also have available for you to download, publications developed by the Centre for Capital Punishment Studies (CCPS) in collaboration in part by the Uganda Law Society:

CCPS - Uganda Law Pamphlet Series - Hearsay Evidence
CCPS - Uganda Law Pamphlet Series - Identification Evidence
CCPS - Uganda Law Pamphlet Series - Disclosure


Here below are links to copies of some of the Statements that have been issued by the Uganda Law Society for your reading:

The ULS Statement on the Hon. Speaker's Decision to Retain Expelled NRM MPs
The ULS Statement on Justice Choudry ruling in the matter between Baleke Kayira Peter & 400 Others vs the Attorney General & 2 Others - HCCS 179 of 2002.

The ULS Statement on Eviction Orders, Delayed Appointment of Judicial Officers and Corruption
The ULS Statement on Child Neglect by Schools
The ULS Statement on Police Brutality
The ULS Statement on Mr. Singh Katongole's attack on the Judiciary
The ULS Statement on the ICC Ruling on the so called "Ocampo 6"

Constitution (Sentencing Guidelines for Courts of Judicature)(Practice) Directions 2013

Judicature (Mediation) Rules S.I. No. 10 of 2013

ULS Statement on the Leadership Vacuum in the Judiciary.
ULS Statement on the Constitutional Right to Bail.
ULS Statement on Legislative Developments in Uganda in 2014.
ULS Statement on Administration of Justice in Uganda.
ULS Statement on Rwenzori Sub-region Clashes.
ULS Statement on the Mistreatment of Lawyers in Parliament.


The Attorney General and Hon. Peter Nyombi vs. the Uganda Law Society Judgment arising from the preliminary objection raised by the Respondent regarding the Applicant's representation by Kampala Associated Advocates

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