President's Message

Dear colleagues,

On my own behalf and on behalf of the new council, I thank you for electing us into office. We also thank Madam Ruth Sebatindira and her team for the good work they have done.

This weekend we concluded our induction and we now consider ourselves fully deployed to work. We will have an in - out approach to work. In the first two months we will focus on internal issues and member concerns such as market protection / growth and updating the remuneration rules. We will do this while developing a new strategic plan which will give the organisation direction for the next year. Your involvement in development of the strategic plan is very critical because it will help all of us envision the ULS we want in the next few years.

After we have strengthened ULS and sufficiently addressed key member needs, we will them embark on repositioning ULS as a respectable and proactive actor in advancing the rule of law, constitutionalism and human rights. We have already commenced consultations on how ULS should intervene in advancing this agenda in Uganda. I welcome more views on this subject.

Lastly the tasks ahead are daunting but am very firm that with your support and with the help of God we will all participate in building the ULS we want. I have no doubt that together we will achieve more.

I look forward to serving you in 2016.

For God and my country.


Upcoming Events

Jun 01
The Internet - Vehicle for Business and Social Use
5 Pts. The seminar will highlight common-carrier regulation to the Internet, how digital stakeholders will be impacted by the new regulations, update on recent cases relevant to jurisdictional issues etc.
Jun 15
Insurance Law & Practice
5 Pts. This training will entail practical and tested approaches in Insurance Litigation as well as services provision.

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