President's Message


Dear colleagues,

It is now three months since a new Law Society Council was constituted. During this time, we have embarked on several innovations to make the Law Society more engaged in protecting the interests of its membership, the public and the rule of law.

It is our belief that these initiatives will restore public confidence in the society and place it on the path of fulfilling its statutory mandate.
Regrettably, we have been inundated with complaints from members of the public about unprofessional conduct by some members of our esteemed society. Our analysis of disciplinary cases before the Law Council shows an increase in the number of complaints against practicing advocates over the last three years. These have involved allegations of failure to account for clients' money, failure to carry out instructions, land transactions and generally conduct unbecoming of an advocate.

While we reject any unsubstantiated omnibus condemnation of the members of the Society as many Advocates go about their jobs with integrity, we remain concerned about the increasing number of disciplinary cases and of late criminal convictions of some lawyers in courts of law on allegations of unethical conduct. We believe that these happenings, soil the image of the Law Society and its members; undermine the integrity of judicial processes; and inhibits access to justice.

I write this urgent letter of appeal to all Advocates to continuously remind ourselves about maintaining a high level of professional ethics. Let us all recall that an advocate is a minister of justice, an Officer of the Courts, a client's Advocate and a member of an ancient, honorable and learned profession.

We all owe a duty to carry on the practice of law and discharge our responsibilities to clients, courts, the public and other members of the profession honorably and with integrity.


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Sep 29
ULS Women in Law​​ Awards Dinner​​
Women in Law​​ Awards Dinner​​ to be held on ​Thursday 29th September 2016 starting at 6:00pm at the Kampala Serena Hotel, Victoria Hall.
Oct 07
ULS 9th Annual Rule of Law Day
Uganda Law Society 9th Annual Rule of Law Day

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